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California ABC Type 41 Liquor License

On-Sale Beer and Wine - Eating place license for a restaurant establishment



11 Forms

Download and complete all the ABC forms required to obtain a Type 41 liquor license for your business ownership structure.


Guided Walkthroughs

Detailed video walkthroughs and accompanying PDF guide to explain each form and how to fill it out.


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Permit Place’s experts are available to answer any questions, and review your final application before submission.

About This Course

In California, liquor licenses are issued by the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC). If you’re a restaurant (or eating place) and intend to sell beer or wine, you’re going to need to obtain a Type 41 liquor license. 

If you’ve never done it before, the process can be overwhelming and complicated. This course removes this frustration and saves time by providing the required forms, and then walking you step-by-step through the process of completing each. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have a fully built-out application that’s ready to turn into ABC for review and approval.


Forms We'll Complete

Provides the name(s) and notarized signature(s) of all person(s) of the business ownership.
ABC 217
Provides general information including both financial and investment information associated with the location where the license is to be issued.

ABC 208-A

Provides personal information.

ABC 208-B
Provides the source of funds and financial information for individuals or ownership groups that are making a financial contribution. 

ABC 253

Provides premise location information. This helps ABC determine the exact location and understand the surrounding area.

ABC 257
Defines the interior space of the premise along with the restaurant operation to be licensed. 
ABC 255
Provides information used to determine if your restaurant is properly zoned for the service of beer and wine.

ABC 247

Lists residences located within 100 feet of the premise to be licensed.

ABC 251
Lists all schools, churches, hospitals, public playgrounds, and youth facilities located within 600 feet of the premise to be licensed.
ABC 140
Ensures you are following ABC tied-house law restrictions. These laws regulate how alcoholic beverages are marketed.

Depending on the type of business ownership structure, this course will also walk you through completing one of the following: 

  • ABC 256 (Limited Partnerships or Trusts)
  • ABC 256-LLC (Limited Liability Companies)
  • ABC 243 (Corporations)
  • ABC 069 (Sole Owners).

Course Options

Different business structures are required to complete different forms. To enroll, select the most appropriate option below.

Sole Owner

Limited Partnerships & Trusts

Limited Liability Companies


Is This the Right License?

The California ABC offers nearly 90 different types of liquor licenses. Before getting started, you need to make sure you're applying for the correct type. 

The Type 41 license is the most common. It pertains to restaurants that plan to sell beer and wine for consumption onsite or off. More specifically: 

  • Beer and wine sales only (No distilled spirits may be on premises except for brandy, rum, or liqueurs used for cooking only).
  • Must operate and maintain a suitable kitchen equipped to serve ordinary meals (versus only appetizers). 
  • Meal sales must comprise more than 51% of sales. 

With this license, minors are allowed on premises. 

If this doesn’t apply to you, do not enroll in this course. Check out the different restaurant liquor license types here.

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Zoning Matters

To sell alcohol, your location has to be properly zoned. If you’re not, you’ll first need to obtain a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

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